About Brian


"Your Voice is My Vote" 

Brian Kostenko was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska. He moved to Pullman, WA to attend Washington State University, where he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration in 2005. Since then, Brian has worked for the Federal government in Kennewick, Washington, and in corporate finance for companies located in the Puget Sound region.  He currently lives in the Federal Way portion of the 8th Congressional District with his family.

The financial crisis in 2007 raised Brian’s level of awareness for politics. Discovering the root causes of the crisis and the government’s actions, or lack thereof, in response to the economic hardship was the catalyst to his political interests and aspirations.

During almost his entire working career, Brian has worked in environments where labor reductions are the norm. For this reason, Brian’s main focus is on the financial security of the residents of District 8 and the State of Washington. Access to health insurance is a financial security issue, where nobody should face financial distress after injury or illness.  Social security for elderly and disabled needs to be fully funded and continued in perpetuity.

He believes in continuous improvement, but understands the benefits of incremental progress.  In regards to health insurance, Brian will push for Single-Payer health care, but knows that progress can be made with a Public Option and the expansion of Medicaid in all states.

The recent election of the current president, and both chambers of congress becoming conservative has led Brian to take action to run a progressive campaign and change the make-up of the House of Representatives.

The 8th Congressional District in Washington State is geographically diverse, encompassing the suburban areas of east King and Pierce counties, the central Cascade mountains, and the rural areas of central Washington.  Brian has lived in, and understands the people living in, rural, suburban, and urban communities. He wishes to focus on health care, job training and education, and the preservation of individual liberties.

It would be an honor for Brian to earn your vote for representative of the 8th Congressional District of the State of Washington, and to champion the needs and desires of the people of District 8.

L KMike Stevens